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"Future of Carr's Landing"

Get involved in the future of Carr's Landing by contacting one of the people below:

Infrastructure Frits Bakker fbakker@cablelan.net Phone: 766 1371

Environment: Stan Brynjolfson brynjolfson@cablelan.net Phone: 766 9034

Land Use: Chuck Price crprice@quailcrossing.ca Phone: 766 4445

Parks & Recreation: Mark Decker Phone: 766 3204

Carr's Landing Sector Plan


Version A - January 31st, 2006 - Steering Committee



Version B – March 1st, 2006 – Carr’s Landing Community & Recreation Association reviewed, revised and “Approved”



Check out the following maps and diagrams (updated January 31 2006) by clicking on their names below:

Carr's Landing Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) Map

Carr's Landing Contour Map

Carr's Landing Future Land Use Map

Carr's Landing Future Road Network Map

Carr's Landing Infrastructure Map

Carr's Landing Parks & Recreation Map

Carr's Landing Sector Plan Map

Carr's Landing Zoning Map




Carr's Landing Sector Plan NEW INFORMATION January 4, 2006

Check out the minutes of the October Open House meetings and the November meeting of the Steering Committee and Land Use Focus Group from November by clicking on their names below.

October 6, 2005 Open House Meeting Minutes

November 22, 2005 Steering Committee and Land Use Group Meeting Minutes


Carr's Landing Sector Plan Draft Version (NEW SEPTEMBER 19th, 2005)

NOW OUTDATED so not available. 



We have completed the tabulation of the recent survey sent out to all property owners in Carr's Landing and the results can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Please note that the survey is only one of many sources of information to be used in the creation of the Carr's Landing Sector Plan.  




WORKSHOP #1 (Coral Beach, Terrace & Juniper Streets)

WORKSHOP #2 (Charloise, Angus, Jersey, Commonage, Barkley)

WORKSHOP #3 ( Lake Pine, Moberly, Pixton, Carrs Landing, Forest Hill, McCreight )

WORKSHOP #4(Maki, Wentworth, Schaad, Toby, Carbonneau, Gable, Whiskey Cove, Commonage, 13500+ Carrs Landing Rd)






March 29/03 meeting-
Meeting of the Steering Committee of the CLC&RA Neighbourhood Plan - March 29/03 held at Noreen's.
In attendance:  Frits Bakker, Chuck Price, Stan Brynjolfson & Noreen Malmkvist -
Discussions took place with respect to difficulties being encountered with scheduling Focus Group Meeting, getting members to come forward as co-ordinators of the focus group - are we losing some momentum?  We are hopeful that all Focus Groups will meet over the next few weeks.
  The Steering Committee will host a "Community Workshop" sometime in May (dates suggested May 3/03 or May 10/03).  Hiring a professional facilitator to help generate enthusasiam and get things going forward - some discussions on who to facilitate a workshop - names brought forward:  Glen McCullough, Chris Nelson.   Noreen contacted both Penny Baughen and Dave Wollerton as they had done some research into facilitators - Penny felt that Chris Nelson  was very good and Dave had tried to contact a facilitator through OUC, but did not receive a reply from them, he expressed that Chris Nelson was a known facilitator and that we should probably consider him.   The Steering Committee will look into this issue further.
Also one of the members of the Land Use Focus Group is doing some further Data Analysis and hopefully the results will be forthcoming shortly to use in the Focus Groups.
Frits is going to go into CORD to pick up a topographical map of the Carr's area for use in the Infrastructure Focus Groups and will pick up any other maps that other focus groups may require.
A further meeting will take place shortly to discuss the Procedures & Guidelines for Focus Groups.
A copy of the last draft of the Terms of Reference - Randy Rose - will be obtained and reviewed by the Steering Committee.
Discussions around Larry Laidlaw's proposal to secure the use of Crown Land in the Carr's areaa for Public Use through the CLC&RA - it was thought that this proposal should be dealt with by the Directors of the CLC&RA (rather than be tied to the Neighbourhood Plan) the reason being that this is an action that will take place well before the plan is going to be discussed with the Carr's residents or DLC.


Jan. 30- meeting at Malmkvist Home

following topics initiated:

Procedures for focus groups

Terms of Reference

Mission statement


Resource material compiled

Interim budget

FEB 6 - meeting at PRICE HOME

following topics:

Operating Policy for Focus Groups

Request to CLC&RA to set meeting with steering committee and Councillors Leamont and Mardell

Mission Statement drafted and circulated

Decision to present to CLC&RA on Mar.05

Feb. 10, meeting at Wollerton Home

topics included:

Terms of Reference

Feb. 12

CLC&RA requested Steering Committee present an interim budget to CLC&RA


Feb. 18- meeting at Decker Home

TOR finalized


TOR Draft5 presented to CLC&RA on Mar.05

Distribution of Questionnaire Responses complete

Communication procedures in progress

Feb. 27- meeting of DLC with Steering Committee

Presentation TOR to Randy Rose


Council accepted the Terms of Reference and voted a budget of $27,500.00 to be distributed in two disbursements, 50% at the beginning and 50% in the second half of the project


Land Use - Feb. 26 and Jan. 23

resource materials available

process for accessing other info discussed

request to raise the profile in the neighborhood to ensure everyone has input opportunities

Parks & Recreation - Feb. 4

request web-site post maps of local parks and road ends

make a list of existing facilities & desirable facilities

review boat launch facilities



January 23, 2003 at the Carr's Landing Fire Hall


Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee:   Established by the Carr's Landing Community & Recreation Association, the Committee is comprised of Chuck Price, Frits Bakker, Stan Brynjolfson, Mark Decker, Noreen Malmkvist

Boundary of the Plan:   The Ward of Carr's Landing plus the area north of Oceola Road accessed by Carr's Landing Road in the Ward of Okanagan Centre.

Nature of the Plan:  Using information gathered from the questionnaires as a base for discussion, it is intended that the content of the Plan be prepared by the residents of the area and, once approved by the community, presented to the District of Lake Country for integration into the Official Community Plan. The Steering Committee is working closely with the District to achieve this goal.

Time Line:  It is anticipated that the content will be available in draft form by fall, 2003.

Process:  The Committee has defined four main focus areas:

Infrastructure: Roads, wastewater management, storm water management, policing, facilities, road ends, transit, garbage collection, fire protection, hydro, gas and communication.

Environment: Pollutants, use of chemicals, wildlife, air quality, water quality, shoreline, water courses, forest, watershed management

Land Use: Zoning, lake use, lake access, home based business, ALR, resorts, type of business, urban growth, rural growth, commercial growth, agriculture, industrial, gravel pits, development permits

Parks and Recreation: Beaches, playgrounds, trails, facilities, parklands, road end development

The four Focus Groups were loosely formed and will be meeting soon. Each will have a liaison member from the Steering Committee to assist in any way possible with information, documentation and communication.

In order for the Plan to represent the views of the majority of residents, the process must be as inclusive as possible.

If you have not already signed up with a Focus Group, your participation is encouraged. If you are unable to attend meetings on a regular basis over the next few months, but nevertheless wish to participate in discussion within a Focus Group, you are welcome to register via e mail. Once the structure of the Groups is established, it is anticipated that the process will move briskly. There will be many opportunities for community comment during the project, but if you wish to take a stronger participatory role, please sign up for a Focus Group at the earliest opportunity.

The Committee would also like you to encourage your neighbours, and other area residents, to participate.

Contact information is as follows:

Infrastructure Frits Bakker fbakker@cablelan.net Phone: 766 1371

Environment: Stan Brynjolfson brynjolfson@cablelan.net Phone: 766 9034

Land Use: Chuck Price crprice@quailcrossing.ca Phone: 766 4445

Parks & Recreation: Loretta Thom beach_thom@hotmail.com Phone: 766 3550

Information and progress reports will be posted on the Carr's Landing Community & Recreation Association website www.carrslanding.org


Community Meeting 7:00 PM on Thursday, Jan 23, 2003 at the Carr’s Landing Fire Hall: 

What is a Neighbourhood Plan and why is it needed? - Background Information Article. 

In the fall of 2002, the Carr’s Landing Community and Recreation Association (CLCRA) circulated a questionnaire in the community to determine what the residents’ vision was for the future of the area. As of November 30, 2002 CLC&RA had received 147 responses to the questionnaire. Respondents were coded to maintain confidentiality and responses were tabulated to identify priorities. Among the respondents, 58 people expressed the wish to be part of  Focus Groups to assist in the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan.  

A Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee (NPSC) has been struck by the directors of CLCRA and preliminary meetings have been held to organize the development of a Neighbourhood Plan based on input from area residents and property owners. The neighborhood plan will be developed together with the District of Lake Country (DLC) and then submitted to the council for approval and incorporation into the Official Community Plan (OCP). 

A meeting is scheduled for 7:00 PM on Thursday, January 23, 2003 at the Carr’s Landing Fire Hall to inform the community of the need for a Neighbourhood Plan, the progress to date and to organize volunteers into Committee subgroups. The subgroups task will be to discuss, identify and prioritize issues in their area of concern and formulate recommendations and relay these to the steering committee. The neighbourhood concerns as interpreted from the questionnaire responses have been divided into four main headings: 1.) Infrastructure, 2.) Land Use, 3.) Environment & 4.) Parks & Recreation. 

All residents of Lake Country overlooking Okanagan Lake from Oceola Rd. north are encouraged to attend this meeting whether they had filled out the questionnaire or not. Input from concerned residents is vital to the production of a meaningful, responsible and defensible Neighbourhood Plan that is inclusive of the people it will affect. The more volunteers that are involved in the process, the better it is for the Plan. 

Carr’s Landing Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee


Initial Report on the Questionnaires

Compilation summary of questionnaire results:

As of noon November 30, 2002 we have received 147 responses to the questionnaire.   Each response was coded to ensure confidentiality for the respondents, and access to the code list will be restricted.   The responses were separated into smaller geographic areas within the larger study area, and the data was placed on spreadsheets.   

We have received 58 names of people wishing to be part of the Focus group to assist in the preparation of a neighbourhood plan. 

The Core Planning group have been overwhelmed by the number of responses, and the thought and diligence that has gone into the content.   Many thanks to all of you. 

In a brief review, our initial observations are as follows:

·        In the entire area, just about everyone has answered the first question “What do you like about your community” with an answer relating to ‘rural’, ‘country’, ‘quiet’, ‘peaceful’ etc.

·        There seems to be a distinction between the residents at the south end who appreciate ‘being close to amenities’, and the people in the actual Carr’s Ward, who would like amenities - small store/community centre etc - a focal point for their ‘community’.

·        The lack of shoulders on Carr’s Landing Road is causing much concern as it creates safety issues for walkers/joggers/bikers.

·        The people connected to Lakepine have serious concerns about their utility, customers of Eastside Utilities have some concerns, WOCID customers are more concerned about water quality.

·        Many people, especially towards the northern end of the area, want improved beach access.

·        Many concerns relate to particular areas - ie Commonage south end is concerned about agricultural practices, Coral Beach is concerned about the over use of their boat launch, Charolaise have their own specific issues.

·        There was less call for the widening of CLR and more for a second access, especially if more development occurs.

·        A majority of respondents in every area see walking/biking/hiking trails as a priority.

·        People want lake access, parks, additional boat launching facilities.

·        Many respondents would like more recreation facilities for teens and children.

·        Many see protection, and restoration of the environment as a paramount concern.

·        People want greenspace protected even if they want growth

·        The question “What benefits/amenities would you be prepared to give up” caused the most confusion, and responses in many cases may have to be discounted.   Some people answered in the negative, some the positive, some contradictory. 

A meeting will now be called for the Focus Group to discuss the next step in the process. 

Core Planning Group, Carr’s Landing Community & Recreation Association 

December 2, 2002


"Future of Carr's Landing" Questionnaire


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