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 Compilation summary of questionnaire results.

2: What existing land uses, services or issues presently concern you?

Numerous water utilities, the two sewer systems.
Mobile homes/trailers.  Too much bureaucracy - no accountability of DLC staff.
Roads.   Lack of planning for any development.
Deer fences. Obstructions preventing public access along foreshore.
WOCID water quality. Safety on CLR - high speed, no shoulders for walking.
CLR.  Lack of sewers.   Join Lakepine to CLR.
Rural small town aspect and lake can be easily spoiled
Over commercialization.  Growth without proper infrastructure to accommodate it
Private water utility rate increase.  Road conditions.  Lack of walkways on roads.
Walkway along CLR if development occurs.  Develop should be closer to Winf.
Criticism of DLC planning.  OCP ripped apart.   Want infill not high density.
More services needed in Winfield.
CLR.  DLC bureaucracy.  Lack of transit in Carr's.
Plan growth so that it happens slowly/rationally without destroying what is here.
Inability to build because of lack of water.
Water safety.  CLR dangerous - speed/walkways missing
Lakepine Utilities.    Large developments without a plan.
CLR traffic.    Mega houses on the lake.
Private docks on public property
Don't like commercialization.   Water utilities.    Septic or Sewer
Growth may be stifled due to the wishes of a few residents
Lakepine Water Utility
Lakepine Water Utility - fireflows, pressure, chlorination
Locating higher density housing without wider road and sewer
High density & demand for urban services in areas too costly to service
Requirement that all development be high density with full urban services
Uncontrolled development/shrinkage of greenspace/ water quality & availability
CLR is extremely narrow
The Motel on Highway 97.      Rainbow Gardens.
The constant focus on growth. Upgrades to infrastructure will lead to higher taxes
Hopefully remain as single dwelling residential mix with acreages/hobby farms.
More developers will want to build unsuitably for the area.
Water quality.    Septic tanks.
Threat to fish/traffic/noise/high density development/ threat to wildlife
Water quality.   Lack of a land use plan.   Poor development decisions at Council
Too much traffic/ noise.  Too many houses being built.
Roads are hazardous.   Need more street lights.
Expansion of single fam res. Upgrade CLR or enforce speed. Against Pow exten.
Water service. Dumping of garden waste in wood.
Water supply
High density housing or commercial developments
Water service
CLR in winter
Future probability of high density residential and road use.
The growth of large anonymous subdivisions.
High density residential development.  Sewer & water services.
Inadequate sewer system.  DLC restrictions on land use.
High density with urban standards.  Lack of good access road. Need transit loop.
Upkeep of CLR.   Ensure that DCCs cover related development costs.
Preservation of env.standards. Infrastructure maintenance. Shoreline preservation
The bad shape of and speed on CLR.  Opposed to condominiums.
No Neighbourhood Plan - roads/community centre/green space/infrastructure etc. 
The lack of a plan that would allow the community to know itself & its future
No real guidelines.  Need a sector plan withh input from community not just DLC
Deterioration of CLR/no shoulders/ traffic speed. Pollution of lake from lawns/farms
The waste of taxpayers, developers $, and DLC time with inappropriate proposals
Lived in N. BC, have seen the mistakes.  Don't repeat - keep a natural env.
Property size should remain same.   Great maintenance of CLR.
Forcing high density into the area.  Fighting DLC because they ignore the OCP
The push for high density.      The call for commercial ventures in Carr's.
CLR crumbling.    Speeds too high for the shape of the road.
Commercial waterfront development.    No infrastructure to handle tourism
High property taxes with no services.   Inequity with property taxation.
Proposed high density subdivision developments
Inappropriate devel proposals/no plan/hightaxes-no services/DLC bureaucracy
Sprawl, protection of wildlife corridors and spaces, sewer
Lack of a plan.  Paying DLC to do flawed, knee jerk work.
Lack of tax base for LC.  Taxation will rise unless DLC attracts business/people
Development in LC & CL vital to control taxes.  Devel in Carr's if controlled
Lack of walking lanes/trails. Roadside surface drainage and weed control.
Speed on CLR should be increased to 60.   Drivers crossing yellow line.
Lack of understand of agri practices.   Lack of awareness of agri processes.
Pedestrian safety - enhance road shoulders wherever possible
Use of public lands for private use - road ends and road r.o.w.
Eastside Util/environment/sewage/underground waterflow/CLR/speed
Env.insensitive development/no shoulders onCLR/lake pollution/
Condition of CLR for driving/walking/biking.  Against highdensity/pub/store
The narrow shoulders on CLR
Water supply for all/agri operations & res fencing deter wildlife/encroachment
Lack of lake access/mega homes/too many docks/exclusivity/little social regard
Non functioning sailing club
Unclear if questionnaire is re DLC or CL   -   blank.
If CLR cannot be upgraded, an alternate route must be found
Lge devel proposals/lack of lake access/nowhere to walk or bike safely
Traffic volume on CLR. Condition CLR.   Randomness of development
Winter maintenance of CLR.  Unsafe to walk on CLR.
Water systems should be controlled by DLC
Eastside Util should be taken over by the DLC
ALR/orcharding/residential & commercial developments/water/sewer/beach signs
Developers who want to inundate CL with high density
High density/available water/weeds/road maintenance/lack of plan
Mobile homes/loss of orchards/growth rate.
Ridgeview/water quality & pressure/night lights/lack of road ditching
Clear cutting of land
Lack of developer responsibility for roadway deterioration & destruction
Encroachment on public road ends.
Parking at Coral Beach in summer
Large developments
Poor maintenance of CB park.   Parking at CB park in summer
Water, sewer, roads
Haphazard devel proposals that do not appear to conform to OCP
Proposals for lge, high dens devel without regard for impact on CL & LC
Unscrupulous land developers
High density proposals.   Need a community plan 
Mega homes being built by millionaires
Housing development on lakeshore/loss of natural habitats/pollution of lake
Orchard spraying. Use of pesticides. Pollution of water
Orchard spraying. Lack of buffering between agri & res.  Bird kill on Island.
Absence of adequate & future water. Agri/res conflicts. Lack of planning. CLR
Water supply/water fees/ access to lake
Tax increases
High dens housing.  CLR.  Poorly maintained gravel rds.  Orchard spraying
Overcrowding of homes/deer fences/ruining wildlife habitat especially for deer
Sailing club should stay.  Area remain as is with no big developments
Beach contention
Large devel proposals which would have impact on Carr's without a plan.
Will just infill of present undeveloped lots, the community received no amenities
Eastside Util/standard of roads/control of noxious weeks/ fire prevention
Eastside Util/lack of sewer system/need improvement to tennis court
Heavy use of internal community rds. High speeds.  Low water pressure from util.
Water/roads/CLR improved minimally/Pow connection should be main access
Road network/water/commercial development
Lack of water/ wants Barkley finished soon
Lack of water.  Condition of all roads
Water/leaching from septic/fire protection/wildlife in danger
Lake access/air quality/CLR safety/orchard spray/wildlife protection/Eastside U
Attempts to introduce higher density
Lack of understanding of Charolaise problems - water, cisterns etc
Carr's Landing Road
Carr's Landing Road
Infrastructure needs to be addressed before development - sewer, water, roads
Big development around Kopje.  Outdoor burning.
Private water systems - DLC should control all.
Lack of safe walking areas/cars speeding on narrow winding road
Lack of land devel;infrastructure.  Many people afraid of development
Threat of change in density overloading infrastructure/lack of area munic water system
Road upgrade/lighting/water utility
Upgrade CLR.  getting rid of blind corners
Lakepine Util - some control is needed over this private company
Moberly & CLR intersection dangerous.    Speeding on Barkley now road fixed.
Lakepine Utility
The road.    Water system
Upgrade the road.  Getting people to drive with more care.
Issue of dense devel/rural areas becoming rare & unique