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 Compilation summary of questionnaire results.

3: What types of new land uses, activities or services would you like to see in your community?

Some devel on upper benches Barkley/Juniper Cove/Charolaise.   Ensure water supply is adequate.
Roads maintained - potholes etc.   Sewer available near lakeshore properties.
Repair roads.  Low density development.   Pool and lacrosse box for DLC
Barkley servicing areas to north. Public use of road ends. Env protection of foreshore.
Water quality/walking lanes on rds/speed control/community directing Council/key initiatives prioritized
Meeting place for children (youth).   Outdoor swimming pool.
Upgrade roads/water before development.  User friendly lakeshore.  Boat launches with parking.
Road improvements.  Drinking water quality improved.
Dog friendly park where children can have activities too.     DLC pool
Like it as is.  Walkway along Carr's. Development should be closer to center.
Infill, not high density
More restaurants, shopping, health & fitness programs in Winfield
Improved road safety on CLR.   No high density housing in CL.
Seniors housing/walking lane along CLR to walking trails off CL/prompt action when lake is abused
DLC must listen to communities.  Water/sewer/roads will continue to be foremost concerns.
Walking trails in the forest
Better water system.   Golf courses/community pool.
Although change will come, I am quite content with things the way they are
Smaller parcels (min. 1 acre) so the tax base would improve
I would like the crown land to be left as is.
Development if it is planned. Water services need to be discussed and plans made for improvements
Municipal water for all.  Greater police presence.
Municipal water for all/better fire protection/great police presence - speeding, property protection
Single family dwellings
Continuance of rural, larger lot development
Nothing new, just large lot development with small country roads
User friendly parks with pets allowed/prohibit dirt bikes on Spion Kop
Bike paths safe for small children.  Expanded bus service
Marina with sewer pump out for boats.    Upgrade CLR.
CLR upgrade
Area remain as is with services/business in Winfield
Better water quality year round.  More shopping, restaurants, a swimming pool in Winfield.
Development inevitable but need to plan.   Life as is.
Multipurpose rec facility.  Maintenance of infrastructure a neccessity.
More parks or lakeshore access
Houses only
Study of private water systems.   Study of expanding vineyards
Take better care of the environment
Take care of environment - air,water,forests
Large lots as is.  Any commercial development should be like OK Centre store.
Reliable water service
As is with small area for light commercial.  No dense development
Keep greenspace and allow gradual growth
A village type centre with residents having a say in how it develops and what happens
As is.  No small lots or multi family
Residential not resort.Community store/rec centre as community grows.Bike/walkingpaths on CLR
Proper connection Barkley to Oceola
Bicycle or walking paths along CLR
Community centre coupled with small store would reduce road trips and gas emissions
Develop hiking/biking trails and possibly an off leash park area for dogs
A corner store like OK Centre.  Walking and cycle paths.
Cluster development, smaller lots (l acre).  Public place like a small restaurant
Parks could be upgraded.  Walking/jogging paths throughout the community
User friendly parks/trails/access to lake/boat launches/community centre
Shoulders on CLR.  Bus service.
Subdivision of large acreage in rural lots.  High density is inappropriate.
Fill in the land between Whiskey Cove and the Island and build a pub
Maintain as is
Happy with CL as is, winding road, rural life.  People wanting amenities should be in town
None. Some housingn for empty nesters, active adult house may be workable
Controlled growth starting from the central core out
None, except for installation of a sewer system
Existing parks used more before creating new. Extend water system. Use treated water for agri.
No new land uses. Limited public bus service.   Road widening and improvements.
Focal point to help build community feel.   Walking trails away from CLR accessible to everyone.
Wildlife areas/natural greenspaces/less spetic waste going into lake/mandatory riparian area on lake
Walking/running/cycling paths paralleling CLR and linking to all other parts of Lake Country
Additional residential development/additional parks development
Lake accesses developed.  Juniper Cove development. Roads upgraded.  Corner store
Country store/coffee house central for walking. Resident owned townhouses/condos
More rural residential development. Publicly owned waterfront to be valued.  No Sailing Association
Devel of lakeshore parks/restaurant or corner store/lobby to pave Commonage to Vernon
Local store/cafe housed in attractive building.    Anything that encourages physical & social interaction
Continued residential devel above CLR. Cluster housing.  Agri tourism. Park devel. Walking trails
More strata like devel. would give access to comm. mtg place/building/store and option for diff. lifestyle
Utilities to DLC standards/env.education/community center/expand Ward south/lake access/ trails/plan
Improved parks
Development of family beach, not neccesarily a boat launch
Small commercial area.  Waterfront hotel/marina/pub with foreshore protection. Comm.hall.Higher dens
Condos,cluster housing, wildlife corridors, restriction on fencing, full transit, trails, small store/mtg place
Road end used for sailing club
Need to develop a neighbourhood plan
Walkways, bike paths.   Walkway along CLR because of breathtaking views.
Trail system/better lake access/public parks for day use
Upgrade CLR, pave Commonage for 2nd access/walking trails
Store like OK Centre perhaps at Terrace View& CLR.
Widen CLR to allow for walking/biking.    Walking/Bike paths throughout community
Single family homes preferred. Tennis court needs resurfacing - could be volunteer with DLC help
Some commercial/increased res densities/improved roads/improved beach access and signage
All beach accesses developed.  Especially have another boat launch
Add waterfront parks/boat launch w cement ramp/parking/marina/store/pumpout/fibreoptic telco access
More rec.areas/Coral launch hazardous/single family ok of not too ambitious/roads in bad shape
Take pressure off Coral B/more beach access/boat launches/tennis courts.  Caution with development
Comm centre for activities/art co op/clubs/classes  perhaps on one of the park properties
It would be nice to see just one benefit of incorporation.   My preference - safe walking trails along CLR
Increase facilities for young people/integrate perm & summer residents/park planning esp. boat launch
Small store like OK Centre/walking trails/dog beach
More lakeshore parks and better maintenance of existing one
Marina/restaurant facility.   Bus service
Sustainable devel for long term. Devel controlled with priority the protection of the environment
Phased in development inkeeping with rural, subject to ensuring road is adequate
Continue infill devel.   Greater devel of parks with facilities.   Walking/biking trails away from roads
Bike/walking/nature trails/pathways.  More boat launching ie Whiskey Cove, Gable
Walking trails.  Wider road so that walking and biking is safer
Good air quality/no burning/store like OK Centre/multi purpose mtg hall/boat launch/road improvements
Corner store/community hall/meeting place (not Fire Hall).  Road improved.   Coral B washrooms bad
Organic agriculture, parks and rec, eco and agri tourism, sustainable forestry and fisheries
Remain a rural/farm area with parks and space for people and wildlife
Better planning at agri/res interface. Commonage paved. Gas line. Better fire protection
Home based business/cottage style industry/resort style accomm/cluster housing/corner store/condos
More access to lake. More single dwellings. Improved water supply
Satisfied with present situation.
More lake access. Safer main road for peds.  Large lots.  Corner store.
The roads.    Safe crossing in several areas for deer.
Pool for DLC.  More hydrants.  Better roads and another access road to CL.  Sewer for everyone
Local pub/possible marina/ restaurant/convenience store
Continued devel of parks and road ends using volunteers.   Reestablish the sailing club
Marina - boat launch
More parks, lake access (boat launches and beaches)
Long term masterplan that can not easily be changed by new Councils
Single family homes for middle income, but not multi family or stores/gas stations/resorts
Connected trails/greenspace. Lakeshore protection. Corner store/Comm centre/Lakefront resort. Transit
More rec facilities.  More neighbourhood commercial services.
Close enough to Winfield for all I need.  Need more residents before more activities.
Higher density on Barkley eg 1 house per 2.5 acre to broaden tax base.
A proper boat launch with parking.  Walking trails. Wildlife corridors. Restaurant/pub on water.
Parks/public greenspace/community hall/corner store/public water system/provision for peds./bikes
Development of the land set aside for parks into functioning parks with parking and access
Small to medium acreages.  Some sewer/septic responsibility
Dog access to water & parks in general. Do not want accelerated growth.  Satisfied as is.
More single family/less restrictions for some construction/allow cisterns/more public areas for pets
Residential devel/dog access to lake/store/cisterns without penalty
Residential community planning.   Parks.    Bike paths and walking trails.
More parks/trails. Less pesticides.   Bike paths would be great.
Moderate development
Sidewalks/street lights/more parks/more recreational facilities
Full service marina.   Upscale RV/Campground Resort
Public marina.  There is very limited public acces to the shoreline of Okanagan Lake.
Park sites/upgrade road
A rural community only
Hiking trails/dog park
Street lights on Moberly.  Carr's Landing upgrade.
A corner store/post office.   Indoor swimming pool.
Indoor swimming pool.  Ball Park.  Walking club. Post and country store.
Spionkop as land preserve to ensure wilderness area closeby