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 Compilation summary of questionnaire results.

5: Please describe your community as you would like it to look 10 years from now and how you would like to see the community grow for your children and grandchildren?

I see CL growing & I want it to grow.  We need more devel/we need the opp to experience other people/ideas..
Following a growth plan that was derived from all concerned citizens.
No large commercial developments
Not against reasonable development/subdivisions provided CLR is not the access and environment is protected
A mix of moderately sized res lots (min l/2 acre)/larger parcels/agri/parkland.  Limited intro of gated adult comm
Grow slowly.  Maintain rural atmosphere
By making our surroundings clean & attractive, we will make it a pleasant place to live
Clean & uncrowded, retaining country atmosphere.  Safe places to walk and cycle
Country atmosphere where there are lots of acreages
Basically we like the community as it.
Residents want and expect infill, not high density
We would love it if the community grew in the areas we mentioned but remained a safe community
Basically the same, transit, safer roads.   If we wanted growth/change/development we would have chosen Kelowna
Some res.devel/park improvements/transit along Barkley to Oceola/waste water guidelines/enforced septic tank standards
I applaud Winfield's Town Centre.  CL will develop the concept more abstractly.
It doesnt need to grow.  It is nice as it is.  Kelowna is 10 minutes away.
More parks and recreational development.   Responsible residential development
Development is controlled. No high density until road is improved. Infilling of vacant land as long as lots are kept large
1 acre minimum properties
Not a big increase in population.  Improved roads and infrastructure
More public access to beaches. More parks/beaches. More restaurants/rec facilities. Well planned high rise condos.
Improved road shoulders. Dual access via Moberly. More public beaches. Continued family development
Improved roads with dual access. More parks and public beaches. Continued family oriented development
Continue with low density, two lane road.
I would like to see it grow as large lot development on the hillsides away from the farmland
Same as now with l/2 ha to ha lots tucked into hillsides. Lots of greenspace and open space
Limit development.  Allow more access to lakeshore and greenspace.  Speed limits on Carr's enforced.
Small home community
We live in a tourist mecca, so lets make it enjoyable for everyone
I would like 10 years to look exactly as it does now
The status quo cannot survive long term, therefore considerable thought should be exercised in the short term
Winfield core is big enough for business. Leave the res areas/orchards along.  I can't see any reason or need to change
More activities for children/teenagers
CLR upgraded + alternate route. Walking path adjacent to Carr's. Permanent residents.Water problems solved.Sewer
Like to see a master plan so that developers & residents know community's future.
We won't be here in 10 years
Parks. Hiking trails. Connecting bike paths. Jogging trails
CL Ward expanded to Oceola. More beach access. Maintain single fam. res. devel. Pave Commonage.
I hope it is still a safe and clean place to live in.
It would look much like it does now with a rural feeling.   Development would be mainly residential.
Close to now with some new homes. Upgrade to CLR 1 km at a time as funds allow.
Not like Glenmore please
A village complete with centre, p.office, hall, sailing club, with less summer only large home owners
Further develop to existing density. Maintain CLR but no increase speed/width.  Commonage paved to Predator
CL as an upscale res area with amenities such as bike/walking trails, parks.  Not a resort area.
Walking/bike trails, access from Barkley to lake with well planned low density development
Status quo
Essentially same as now.  Changes evolved from community needs.  I hope CLCRA plays major role of incorp of needs
Walking/cycling along CLR. Speed limits enforced. Houses not condos.Not huge growth. Rural is what is attractive
CLR improved with bike path or alternate route. Land use to accommodate integrated community. Responsible boating
More permanent residents. Small community centre.  Footpath/bikepath on CLR. Hiking trails connecting to lake
A community with at least a rural aspect.  The lake & ecology to remain as intact as can reasonably be.
Keep rural character. Development contained. Council adhere to plan & bylaws. Incentives for cleanup/improvements
I would like to see it compulsory for homeowners to dedicate % of land untouched. Native plants protected.
Growth in controlled manner. Higher density in serviced areas while keeping rural arreas to larger parcels.
Do things right and you will not have to worry.
Very little change
We can see the existing empty properties being built on , but hopefully complying with rural density
Much the same but there will be more infill housing
Shoping & services in the central core as already underway, to keep people close to home
Maintain peaceful, rural ecosystem with habitat for abundant wildlife and clean water-
The municipality should have dense town centre, but that is unlikely as I see it will continue to sprawl
Restrict growth, maintain status quo
A true community with everyone wokring to make it stronger.  Comm centre/store like a village centre.
There should be core development in Winfield and outlying areas should be kept rural or develop along Smart Grth guide
Growth is inevitable.CLR not capable, must change .  Activity based development. Network of hiking/biking trails.
An area where residents can coexist.  Less torn apart by petty politics and negativity.
Controlled growth with lots of public access to water. Proper shoulders on CLR for walking  Walking trails
Quality homes and quality lifestyle
I hope it looks the same with more residences
Growth is inevitable. Plan it well rather than try to shut it down.  Respect the various uses of land in our community
Safe walking along rds and lakeshore.  Network of walking trails. An activity centre/cafe/store
A mix of residences owned by permanent residents - large single fam/condo/townhouse/cluster/agr. Additional rd access
Like to see community grow/controlled high density/strata/meeting rooms/rec facil/lake access to our specs
Rural devel/greenspace/wildlife corridors/organic gardening/farming/clean lake with public access/paths/trails/commcentre
Rural. High density has no place in Carrs. Cater to people who want rural.  CLR safer for driving/walking/biking
Very much as it is now.  Not a lot of housing development
Transit system + local commercial outlet. Accepting alternative housing concepts. Neighbourhoods for people/nature
Sustainable development
Other than assumed upgrade of infrastructure - none
Cleaner air/improved water quality/waste management/improve roads/dog parks/community spirit/community halls
Trendy community promoting health/fitness & maintaining beauty of area. Walkways/bikepaths etc for all ages
Large lots, privacy, greenspace, safe places to walk/run/bike.  Pretty much as is now.
More infill housing with bike/hiking trails. More lake access.  A feeder bus especially for teenagers.
Local activities linking to participation with other local communities.  Improved road system.
If it stayed the same I would be quite content
Infrastructure and amenities which my family and I could enjoy
Most areas of Lake Country have a park for sports except Carr's
As is with regulated rural style devel. including limits on multifamily/multi lot devel.  New devel should be tax/cost neutral
Minimal growth with maintenance of the roads and recreational areas improved.
It would be nice if there was no change.  Houses are getting bigger and there is more demand for use of the lake
A little larger. More homes/people/traffic. Residents could have an active hand in way community grows.Be proactive
Limited growth in concert with development of roads and services
Second southern access. Transit. Integration of perm & summer residents to improve amenities.  Pub/store
Keep greenspace, parks, beaches.   Moderate growth.
Rural but more lake/beach activities. Small/medium resort incl restaurant/marina/accommodation.   No industry.
Growth with controlled devel ie water/air protection/roads/sewer & min impact on agri. Proper infras.to support future devel.
Phased development with substantially improved rds & amenities sufficient to support the development
Well planned community with mix of acreages & lakefront devel with friendly, courteous & respectful neighbours
Resurection of Sailing Club & similar rec opportunities.  Bike/walking/nature trails.  More boat launches
The lake kept clean for swimming & also so that our water supply does not become contaminated.
l/2 ac properties to preserve openess. High dens in Winfield. Non polluting home business. Unpolluted lakes.
More houses/people/permanent rsidents.    The community will become busier, noisier and more congested.
Similar to now - small.  Reduction in pollutants. Restore shoreline ecosystems/wildlife habitat protection.Stewardship
Large lots/ greenspace / family orchards/ non polluting lake use - ie canoes, sailing
1 acre min lots.  Homes in the $250,000 range.  Stay with as little growth as possible
Diversity of land use - business/artists/shops/orchards/residents.  Naramata would be a good model..
Slow growth, with single housing and a good water supply
Slow growth. Road ends developed.
It would be nice if it didnt change too much.  Winfield centre is becoming a town & all the amenities will be close
Its fine the way it is
Similar to now but with sewer, another road access and more acreages with single family homes
Just the way it is now
Maintain its rural nature with a community centre and trails joining beach accesses
More residential
Pretty much the same but with better infrastructure - roads and utilities
Natural balance of farms/res.  Upgrade road for existing residents - not to accommodate extra traffic.
A rural looking community with greenspace/beach access/safe rds & water. Commercial area along beach.
We would like to see community grow outside Winfield town center.
I want my community to grow, grow, grow to whatever it takes to make it fun & safe
More residential development in isolated areas, safer roads, and municipal water service
Smaller devel as opposed to lrg ones proposed - cluster/wildlife corridors/trails/beach access. Need to grow to afford amenities
Comm.centre with public/commercial space. Greenspace/wildlife corridors/habitat protect. Safe bike/walk paths
Current lot size min the same.   Walking trails developed.
Basically the same
Very similar as now. A few more homes in Charolaise if quality of life remains the same
We would like more rights on our own property
I would like to see more people have rights on their own properties
Residential - providing recreational opportunities for its inhabitants
Less air pollution from burning. Keep rural. Small store to cut traffic & pollution.  Bike paths. Improve CLR
Rural living.  Recreation.  Adult retirement place.
ADDENDUM                                                                                                                                            5C
Describe your community as you would like it to look 10 years from now
A well planned, well policed, safe community
One which would allow children/grchildren to establish families here - now they leave
Devel at measured pace with lots not below l or l/2acre would reduce env. & sewer pressures and maintain lifestyle.
Well developed residential upgrade with proper planning.  Not 'fly by nighters'.
Preserve and increase orchard and nature retreat areas.   Swimming pool.
Well maintained properties/rural environment/avoid noisy outdoor businesses
Minimal growth.   No condos.
Minimal growth
Remain as residential community with safe uncrowded beaches.
Remain as a residential community with safe places for our children.
More public beach with boat facilities if linked with greenspace.